How to Keep Press On Nails from Popping Off

Press on nails are simply amazing, and they allow you to create complex and amazing nail designs easily and quickly. All without spending a ton of time or money at the nail salon.

Now, the main problem most people encounter when using the press on nails is a tendency for nails to fall off prematurely. But this is an easy problem to overcome. So in this article, we will share with you how to keep press on nails from popping off and keep them last longer.

1. Buy a good nail glue

The most important thing you can do to extend the life of your press on nails is to invest in a really good professional-grade nail glue. A high quality, premium nail glue will make your press on nails last about 2-3 weeks.

We recommend using additional nail glue to further strengthen the bond with natural nails.

2. Prep the cuticle

The cuticle is the skin at the top of your nail. If the skin is not treated properly, it will prevent the glue from sticking directly to the nail bed. Instead, the glue will bind to the cuticle skin, which will reduce the glue's effectiveness.

So before applying a press on nail, you should use a nail cuticle pusher to scrape off the dead cuticle of the nail, push up and shape the cuticle so that the press on nail fits snugly.

3. Clean your nail  Before Application

The first step to cleaning your natural nails is to remove nail polish, acrylic, or any glue left over from previous press on nails.

You need to remove dirt and other sediment from the finger deck, as they may affect the effectiveness of the adhesive or glue applied to the press on nails.

You need to ensure your natural nails are completely dry before applying your press on nails.

4. Buff Your Nails Before Application

It’s important that you buff your nail bed before applying the press on nails

After you've prepared each nail and laid them out in front of you, take a glass nail file or sanding block and give your natural nails a light buffing. Be gentle, the purpose of this is just to allow your nail glue or glue to stick to it. This can also help you avoid air pockets that can cause your press-on nails to fall off quickly.

5. Apply glue twice

You know that double-cleansing your skin is good for removing makeup, impurities, dirt, and pollution -- this step makes all the difference in the process, but it's also good for making your pressure lasting. Apply a thin layer of nail glue or adhesive to your natural nails and be sure to cover it completely. Then apply a drop of nail glue to the inside  base of the press-on to avoid sticking to the outside. The glue on the press-on nail will naturally stick to the glue on the nail and they will stick to each other, adding an extra layer of bonding.

Make sure your coat  nails are well painted to avoid bubbles, as they can form pockets between your nails and the press-on nails. If air gets into the adhesive, your nails could fall off before the end of the day - and no one wants to see that after all that hard work.

6. Apply Press On Nails Correctly

When you use the press on nails, you need to apply glue to your natural nails and the underside of the press on nails. I suggest putting a drop of glue in the middle of your nails and the press on nails.

It's also important that you press each fake nail against your nail for at least 30 seconds. This will keep the glue firmly attached to the nail.

You should also avoid letting your nails come into contact with water for at least 1-2 hours later, which gives the glue a chance to fully heal.

This seals the gap and prevents water from seeping between your press on nails and your natural nails, which allows the glue to last longer.

7. Apply a clear top coat to your press on nails

If you have a clear top coat, you should apply it to the top and bottom of your press-on nails.

  • Strengthen your press-on nails to prevent them from bending easily.
  • Build an extra layer of protection over them to keep them from fading.
  • As a waterproof seal on the bottom, let the nail glue last longer.
  • Gives them a nice shine

8. Choose the right size for you

The more your press-on nails fit your nail size, the more durable they will be. You see, if the nail is too big, the sides overlap. As a result, nails lift more easily, which will increase the pressure on the nail glue.

You can also file the sides of your press-on nails so that they fit your nails.

9. Shorter nails will last longer

Short fake nails are more durable than long press on nails. This is because the longer your press on nails, the greater its surface area and the more tension and pressure it can withstand. This will put the nail glue under more stress, making it weaken faster.

How Long Do Press On Nails Usually Last?

A set of press-on nails usually lasts about a week, but if you follow the tips above and take good care of your nails, they can stay in good condition for two to three weeks (or until you pull them off). If you want to remove your fake nails before they fall off on their own, be sure to follow the correct steps, as with gel or acrylic nails, followed by a hand treatment to keep your natural nails looking and feeling healthy.

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